About Tritech Agric

We provide opportunity for busy executives (digital farmer’s) to adopt a project and fund it in exchange for gaining farm experience and sharing profit.

Tritech Agric is the digital farming platform provided by Tritech Business Solutions Limited to empower cooperators in the food and agribusiness value chain cooperative societies through project funding.

We are focused on raising funds for projects run by cooperative societies in partnership with the National Federation of Agribusiness Development (FADeN) Cooperative Limited.

Tritech Agric receive investment ready farming projects from cooperative societies affiliated to FADeN and present them to digital farmer’s for funding in slots.


To build a dominant world class agricultural business conglomerate.

To provide technology enhanced products and services through highly professionalized need-specific approach thus creating exceptional value for business growth and development.

T – Target driven

R – Resourceful

I – Integrity

T – Technology

E – Expertise

C – Competence

H – Human capacity


The TRITECH Logo which has three different coloured bars across an anchor defines:

GREEN – Agriculture

BLUE – Aquaculture

BROWN – Agroprocessing

BLACK – Professionalism

Board of directors

    Charles O. Keshinro
    Charles O. Keshinro
    Ganiu Ademola Okeowo
    Ganiu Ademola Okeowo
    Chief Executive Officer
    Efemena Elutabe
    Efemena Elutabe
    Adedapo Adetutu Okeowo
    Adedapo Adetutu Okeowo

Our Services

Empowering Cooperatives

Cooperators within a cooperative can concieve and implement expansion farming projects for mutual benefit

Enhancing food Security

Digital farmers involvement in agribusiness projects through funding increases food production and guarantees food secuiry

Developing Farming Experience

We develop busy executives into Digital Farmers through practical farming updates

Generating Returns

Digital farmers can get good profit on food and agribusiness value chain farm projects