1. What is Tritech Agric?

Tritech Agric is a digital farmer’s platform created by Tritech Business Solutions Limited a registered private agribusiness company in Nigeria.

2. What is the objective of Tritech Agric platform?

To bridge the funding gap inherent in agribusiness for farming cooperatives and to give opportunity for side earnings to busy executives while gaining farming experience.

3. How do you choose  agribusiness cooperative project to fund?

Tritech Agric works with verified cooperative societies affiliated to National Federation of Agribusiness Development (FADeN) Cooperative Limited.

4. What if our cooperative is not affiliated to FADeN?

Get you cooperative affiliated to FADeN through their website www.faden.com.ng

5. How do I become a digital farmer?

• Click the SIGN UP button to create your account as a digital farmer
• Update your profile through the Update Profile link in your dashboard.
• Choose a project to fund and the number of slot you want to fund.
• Proceed to make payment with your credit/debit card.
• Your payment will reflect on your MY ACCOUNT page.

6. What are the agribusiness risk and are they covered?

Yes, all risk involved in the various agribusiness project have been properly analyzed and risk management plan put in place. Also, all unforseen risks are insured.

  • People risk
  • Process risk
  • System risk
  • External risk

7. Can I fund more than one type of project?

Yes, you can choose the different projects and pay for them separately. That is, you can fund 3 slots in project A and fund 5 slots in project B

8. How much will I pay to fund a project slot?

The amount to pay depends on the project on offer and how much is attach to a slot.

9. Is their a limit to the number of slot I can fund?

No, there is no limit to the number of slot you can fund.

10. What about the market for the produce?

All projects on offer have ready offtake market.

11. What do I get as returns for funding?

You get regular practical farming update as if you were on the farm yourself through your dashboard and the promised profit at the end of the specified project cycle.

12. How do you pay my profit?

We pay your profit to your indicated bank account details on your MY ACCOUNT page.

13. What is the difference between Tritech Agric and other digital farming service providers?

  • Tritech Agric team is back by over 20 years experience in the financial and agriculture value chain.
  • Tritech Agric works with verified food and agribusiness cooperative societies affiliated to FADeN Cooperative Ltd.
  • Tritech Agric facilitates funding not just for primary agriculture but for agribusiness across the value chain

14. What if I want to partner with Tritech Agric as an institutional investor?

  • Email us: info@agric.tritech.com.ng
  • Call Ademola: 07046333500

15. Who shall I contact for further information?

  • Ademola- 07046333500
  • Busola- 08026910113