Catfish Hatchery Project, Lagos


  • Project Timeline: 6 month(s)
  • Return On Investment: 20%
  • Insured by: NAIC
  • Project Location: Epe, Lagos
  • Slot Capacity: 5000 Juveniles

Induced breeding of catfish fries and nursing to juvenile size of 15grams.

2400 Slots Available!

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Catfish Hatchery Project is a fish seed production project which involves induced breeding of catfish fries and nursing to juvenile size of 15grams and above. It is a highly skilled farming operation requiring in-depth knowledge of fish breeding but gives good returns on investment.

Juvenile production operations involves spawning, feeding, siphoning, sorting, water management, grading, counting, record keeping etc.

Due to it’s required technical competence and stable environmental demand not many farmers are involved in it. Thus providing a huge market opportunity to the fish breeder’s

The catfish juveniles are sold to grow-out producer’s and profit paid

Your funding covers:

  • Farm lease for juvenile production
  • Insurance from NAIC
  • Input supply such as catfish broodstock, hormones and fish feed
  • Operating expenses (transportation, labour, electricity, maintenance etc)

Project Site Visit: Visits to the project site is only available to those that have adopted and funded a project. It will be arranged on request. Make request to or call 07046333500.

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